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Star Interceptor Screenshot 3

Star Interceptor Screenshot 3. Repair and Refuel Your Starship on Space Stations and Stars' Orbits!

Game Hint #3: Repair and Refuel Your Starship on Space Stations and Stars' Orbits!

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Star Interceptor Screenshot 3
Game Description
3D space shooter with elements of strategic planning. The player has to control the spacecraft, which must protect the native star system from enemy invasion. Enemy fleets pass through hyperspace from their star system, where are cities-factories that produce more and more new spaceships. The player must skillfully manage the time to succeed in destroying the squadrons of invaders approaching to home planets and stations, otherwise the cities on the player's planets will be destroyed and the battle will be lost. To cope with this invasion, the player also needs to destroy enemy cities in alien stellar system, otherwise the flow of enemies will be endless. Do not forget to protect the stations, because only on them you will be able to fix your ship and refuel it with bombs and fuel. To move through space, use the map (the Space key). To get less damage from the enemy, turn on the force field (key S). Switch weapons (W key) to start bombing cities. For maneuvering use the arrows, for shooting - the Left Ctrl key.

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